Our experienced team professionals have comprehensive market knowledge, are passionate and committed to research which enables them to serve and provide specific domain knowledge. Industry specific practices enable them to serve in a wide range of industry verticals like

  • Automobiles

    India has one of the largest automobile companies in the world. It’s rapidly achieving global competitiveness in both the terms of quality and cost. These sector job vacancies are understood and catered to.

  • Banking, Financial Services, Insurance (BFSI)

    there is a significant complexity in the operations due to globalization and cross industry consolidation. In order to manage all these trends and to best utilize the manpower resource they have created a new separate entity the BFSI world. They have a vast network and the required database to help the clients get the best talent to fulfill their requirements.

  • FMCG & Consumer Durable

    fast moving consumer goods are India’s largest sector in the country and are steadily growing. Due to its vast size its talent requirements are also vast and thus they can help in meeting up the clients talent requirements.

  • Industrial & Manufacturing

    according to a study conducted by the McKinsey global institute India might become the fifth largest consumer market in the world by 2020. As the senior managers are from the manufacturing background that gives them an understanding of the industry and helps in understanding the client requirements.

  • Information Technology

    this has become India’s fastest growing industry. India has established itself as a global sourcing base and it’s going to be on a rise in the future. This exceptional growth has brought forth a lot of jobs and requirement needs. Although IT jobs have been affected in many sectors, it still continues to grow. And they will help provide their clients with the best manpower planning and acquisition.

  • Life Science /Health Care

    India has the fourth largest pharmaceutical company in the world in terms of volume. This practice has critical requirements which are thoroughly understood and relieved to the clients to ensure their complete care, comfort and ease

  • Telecom & Communication

    in the telecom industry the cellular companies has emerged as the fastest growing segment. They have an acute understanding of the telecommunication market which gives them an understanding of the technologies, methodologies and the industry as well. They can provide the required talent to multinationals as well as just startups.

  • Services

    with the talent acquisition requirement department they acquire high caliber talent for companies

  • Legal

    requiring a diverse array of clients they provide personalized services. Having stellar attorneys in every discipline of the law allows them to help. A professional in search of a job or looking for legal support they can help.

  • Oil and gas

    India works in oil refining industry which has various job profile requirements. Due to their vast resources they secure talents from best colleges and industries and will be able to provide the best talents.

So these are the recruitment services provided by us across the business sectors to provide the talented workforce for the organizations.

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