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Why us?
Ismart Consultancy provides the clients with proven solutions that are both cost efficient and effective as well. In the consulting services that we provide in project management, cross functional project teams is lead by our consultants on the medium sized as well as small projects. Following are the features that are regularly facilitated by the project management consulting services that we provide:


  • Bonds of program that define the goals and scope.
  • Structures of the work breakdown that identify deliverables, work phrases and activities.
  • Identifications of activity that includes responsibilities, durations and resources.
  • Detailed and high level schedules that are based on network.
  • Compression as well as validation of the schedules.
  • Instruction of the client in the use of the methods and tools of project management.
  • For the key stakeholders, generation of status memos.

Why it is important?
A clear project plan is very essential whether you are arranging multi-site deployment, in house new platform or from scratch, creating a package of new software and therefore project management consulting services are very essential.  On time completion of the development and that too in budget is ensured by the Ismart consultancy.
“Success in business requires training, discipline and hard work”
We are pioneers in searching right talent for right company at right time. Our ability to identify and attract top talent via wide network has helped Ismart Consultancy in building strong relationship across diverse industries.
As we become witness to our client’s growth, we also continue in an endeavor to evolve our creative solutions and services. This way, we make it a win-win situation for our client as well as for our company.
The methodology
As compared to the other methodologies, the methodologies of agile project management are far more effective and are going to be the most preferred practice in the near future. The consulting services in agile project management that we provide makes the employees learn the methodologies that helps in more comprehensive as well as quick process control that also reduces the speeding time and risks to ROI.
  • Plan of project

    The exact software requirements that you have are specified by our consultants and then a project plan is created so as to map out the required development work. Then to source the required information becomes the Systems Valley’s responsibility with which your staff is allowed to get on with the daily tasks.

  • Meeting on regular basis

    In order to set the short term goals and measure the progress as per the overall plan of the project, regular dash meetings are arranged by our project managers.

  • Devoted project manager

    The project manager of the Systems Valley continually inform and keep you updated with the progress. Along with that, all through the project, he is the one who acts as the point of contact for you.


This is the reason why the project management and agile project management consulting services are important so that the business can receive benefits as per the requirements with the efforts of the talented workforce that is aimed at the overall growth and development of the company.

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