Need for contract staffing in Today’s time


As a company it takes a great deal of planning and effort in hiring new employees, even though your current team maybe achieving their goals, there is always threat of an unforeseen roadblock which may jeopardize the entire project, affecting the team’s performance and causing undue stress. This is where the hiring manager’s expertise comes

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The concept of using Professional Trainers in workforce


Choosing a professional training company that holds good knowledge and experience in all sectors is the key to creating an efficient workforce. When you look around for different types of training to be given to the candidate, it is obvious for you to get confused. However, the fact is when you plan to hire a good

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Contract Staffing – A smart decision!


Contract staffing is an increasingly effective method of staffing in an organization where the employees are hired on a temporary/ project based method from a professional staffing company. The employee is entirely taken care of by the staffing company in regards to salary, benefits, etc. and does not come under the payroll of the hiring

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Train people well enough!


What is Training? Training is teaching or developing a person’s skill and knowledge in a specific area or type of behavior. In today’s day and age, the concept of training has become the most integral part of an employee’s work culture and a company’s success graph. ‘You need to get into training’ these words from

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Recruitment: Oh Not againnnn!!!!


Recruitment: Oh Not againnnn!!!! As an MNC or even a small scale organization, I’m sure this is the reaction of every HR employee even though that is part of your work profile. What is recruitment? Recruitment is the core function of the Human Resource team, the very first step of appointment. It is the process

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PMI-ACP Certification Exam preparation

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A set of criteria and credentials for recognizing project management professionals who use Agile methodologies in their project, the PMI Certified Practitioner certification has been developed by Project Management Institute. The credentialing process is fairly rigorous: 2,000 hours or twelve months of general project management work experience. 1,500 hours or eight months of specific project

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Welcome to iSmart Training and Consulting. We are pleased to announce the launch of website with a new look and enhanced navigation experience. We invite you to start exploring our training programmes. We will be rolling out new pages and functionality over the coming days, and hope that you enjoy visiting our  website. Please contact us if

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